Eric & Carine Dalmasso

Domaine de la Source (Eric & Carine Dalmasso)

Known as Nice’s ‘urban’ vineyard, Bellet’s total vineyard stretches to 70ha but is continually under pressure for urban development given spiraling land costs in the area. It’s a hotspot for terrific wines using local grapes and small artisan producers, largely making wines for the voracious consumption of the Riviera.

High above the A8 autoroute, siblings Eric and Carinne Dalmasso’s compact operation of 7 hectares of organically-farmed vines provides an enthusiastic welcome to travellers brave enough to venture up the tortuously winding route. The local Braquet grape forms the basis for their rosé and red (with local staples Grenache and Folle Noir), alongside 100% Rolle for their white.

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