Château Simone

Château Simone

Château Simone is an ancient ecclesiastical estate overlooking the dramatic backdrop of Mont Saint Victoire to the south-east of Aix en Provence. The main property dates back to the 16th Century and in total comprises 17 of the 22.5 hectares of the appellation of Palette, which the Rougier family have tended for seven generations.

Château Simone benefits from very old vines and an unusual Northerly exposure and micro-climate (induced by the surrounding forests), ensuring late and even ripening that brings balance and finesse to the wines. The charming patron of Château Simone, Jean-Francois Rougier is assured and comfortable in his environment just as he is when he discusses his beloved wine and its idiosyncratic cépagement – 17 grape varieties are permitted in Palette giving it the broadest spectrum of grape varieties of any French appellation.

Winemaking at Château Simone has been honed over the centuries and it transcends fad and fashion, evoking a sense of tradition, confidence, respectability and dependable quality. Winston Churchill visited Château Simone and become an enthusiastic convert to its wine, which puts one in mind of his maxim: “My tastes are simple – I like to have the best.”


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