Adventures in Wine Podcast
David Chandler: "In this brutally honest edition, our aging adventurers in wine, in acknowledgement of their advancing years, doff their battered pith helmets to Jason's son, Will, who happens to be in the first flush of adulthood, rather than David's and Jason's busted variety. But the question on Jason's mind is, 'Do young people even drink wine at all?' while the question on David's is, 'When is Jason coming back from the fridge with the first bottle?' Our try-anything trio then work their way through one sparkling, one white, one rosé and two reds, that Jason believes would capture the youth vote; lively, pocket-friendly wines made with minimal intervention - and don't forget the hip label: Jean-Pierre Py's amiably frisky 'Pet Nat'; Léon Beyer’s versatile 'La Cuvée'; family Ambrosio-Collomb 's Domaine Ouilllières cool and crisp 'Harmonie'; Graillot and Schmittel's briary, forward-drinking Crozes-Hermitage 'Equinoxe', and Nathalie Margan's round and powerful Château La Canorgue, Cotes du Luberon."



The series of 'Adventures in Wine' podcasts featuring Jason Yapp and David Chandler can be downloaded from the iTunes store here.