Mixed Case

Mixed Case Wine Offers

We may not be at the stage of flinging open the doors to welcome friends and family just yet, but we seem to be within touching distance. Our new Easter Offers incorporate bottles that can be enjoyed in fast-moving circumstances - mixed cases of reliable reds, a ‘delectable all-French’ Spectator magazine selection, resplendent rosés for spring drinking, a ‘6 for 5’ on Premier Cru red Burgundy and a parade of seriously smart half-bottles.

As always, the price of the mixed case wine offers includes delivery.

Jason Yapp and Tom Ashworth signatures

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  1. 'Easter Essentials' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Easter Essentials

    Poise and grace from the Rhône, Loire & Savoie.

    Easter Essentials - Mixed Case
    Save £12.00
    Easter Essentials - All White Case
    Easter Essentials - All Red Case
  2. The Spectator Wine Club Offer Mixed Case - February 2021

    The Spectator Wine Club Offer

    "A delectable all-French selection from Yapp Bros ideal for wet February."

    The Spectator Case
    Save £12.00
    Châteauneuf-du-Pape Trio
  3. 'Resplendent Rosé' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Resplendent Rosé

    Terrific rosés for gratifying spring drinking!

    Resplendent Rosé Mixed Case Offer
    Save £9.00
  4. 'Six-fer five': Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru ‘Les Poulettes’ 2015
    Nuits-Saint-Georges ‘Les Poulettes’ 2015 Offer
  5. 'Undiscovered Germany' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Undiscovered Germany

    Teutonic temptations, with barely a Riesling in sight!

    Undiscovered Germany Mixed Case Offer
  6. 'Better Halves' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Better Halves

    Distinguished demies from classic regions.

    Better Halves Mixed Case Offer
    Save £9.00
  7. 'Top Côtes' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Top Côtes

    Reliable reds from La France Profonde.

    Top Côtes Mixed Case Offer
    Save £5.50
  8. Yapp Brothers Six Bottle Sampler - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Yapp Brothers Sampler

    Discover remarkable wines with this adventurous mixed case!

    Yapp Brothers Six Bottle Sampler
    Save £17.00
  9. 'Wines of the Month' Mixed Case Offer - April 2021

    Wines of the Month

    Seasonal wines for April: "...such signs of spring must herald rosé season."

    Wines of the Month - April 2021
    Save £15.80
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