Mixed Case

Mixed Case Wine Offers

Highlights include a tasty Harvest Supper, bouquet of reputable rosés and a delectable dozen from the heights of Languedoc and Roussillon. We're also offering a case of wines recently praised in the Press, a limited rare trio of Syrah(s?!) from the Northern Rhône, plus vouchsafed 'Villages' offerings from across France.

As always, the price of the mixed case wine offers includes delivery.

Jason Yapp and Tom Ashworth signatures

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  1. 'The Spectator Wine Club Offer' Mixed Case - October 2021

    The Spectator Wine Club Offer

    "I strongly suggest you head promptly to a fine independent merchant such as Yapp Bros, whose cellars are groaning with seasonally-suitable bottles."

    The Spectator Case
    Save £14.00
  2. 'The Loire Guide' -  Mixed Case Wine Offer

    The Loire Guide Mixed Case Offer

    Captivating Loire Chenin & seductive Sauvignon Blanc, plus a pair of luscious Cabernet Francs.

    Loire Guide Offer
    Save £7.70
  3. Hot offer: Tinto Negro Mendoza Malbec 2020

    Hot Offer: Tinto Negro Mendoza Malbec 2020

    "Sejanovich’s wines are at their most profound in the Uco Valley." -

    Hot Offer: Tinto Negro Mendoza Malbec 2020
    Save £11.40
  4. 'Harvest Supper' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Harvest Supper Mixed Case Offer

    Dependable Rhône, Loire, Languedoc, Corsica, Charente & Rheinhessen.

    Harvest Supper
    Harvest Supper - All White
    Harvest Supper - All Red
  5. 'Pick of the Press' - Mixed Case Wine Offer - Autumn 2021

    Pick of the Press Mixed Case Offer

    Wines that impressed eminent scribes in recent reviews.

    Pick of the Press
    Save £7.30
  6. 'Villages People' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Villages People Mixed Case Offer

    Superior 'Côtes' from the Rhône, Roussillon and Burgundy.

    Villages People
    Save £11.00
  7. Northern Rhône Syrah Trio  - Wine Gift Pack Offer
    Northern Rhône Syrah Trio
  8. 'The Languedoc-Roussillon Case' - Wine Offer

    The Languedoc-Roussillon Case Offer

    IWC Specialist Merchant of the Year 2021, 2019, 2018.

    The Languedoc-Roussillon Case
    Save £7.00
  9. 'Reputable Rosé' -  Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Reputable Rosé Mixed Case Offer

    A selection of refined rosé for autumnal appreciation.

    Reputable Rosé
    Save £8.00
  10. 'Delightful Demies' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Delightful Demies Mixed Case Offer

    Half the volume, all of the flavour.

    Delightful Demies
    Save £5.00
  11. 'Yapp Brothers Six Bottle Sampler' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Yapp Brothers Sampler

    Discover remarkable wines with this adventurous mixed case!

    Yapp Brothers Six Bottle Sampler
    Save £15.05
  12. 'Wines of the Month' Mixed Case Offer - October 2021

    Wines of the Month

    Treats from 'Off the Beaten Track'

    Wines of the Month - October 2021
    Save £15.60
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