Mixed Case

Mixed Case Wine Offers

We welcome in a brand new decade with a flurry of seasonal offer cases – rollicking reds, winter warmers and wines napped by journalists. If you haven't heard, Beaujolais is making a storming comeback, and there is another case from the Jura, Savoie & Alsace that we have christened 'High Pastures'. Ever the optimists, we have chosen the depths of a UK winter to offer our most expensive mixed case ever, Superstars of Southern France - this as a rare opportunity to pick up 'unicorn' bottles.

As always, the price of the mixed case wine offers includes delivery.

Jason Yapp and Tom Ashworth signatures

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  1. Fireside Favourites

    Fireside Favourites

    Rollicking reds for hygge households.

    Fireside Favourites Mixed Case Offer
    Save £15.80
  2. Winter Warmers Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Winter Warmers

    Wide-ranging wines from the Languedoc, Corsica, Provence & Pfalz.

    Winter Warmers - Mixed Case
    Save £26.70
    Winter Warmers - All Red
    Save £15.60
    Winter Warmers - All White
    Save £37.80
  3. Wine Press

    Wine Press

    A superb selection endorsed by the Fourth Estate.

    Wine Press Mixed Case Offer
    Save £13.90
  4. Superstars of Southern France

    Superstars of Southern France

    La crème de la crème from four iconic estates.

    Superstars of Southern France Mixed Case Offer
  5. Beaujolais Renaissance Mixed Case Offer
    Beaujolais Renaissance Mixed Case Offer
    Save £13.20
  6. High Pastures
    High Pastures Mixed Case Offer
    Save £20.80
  7. Helpful Halves
    Helpful Halves Mixed Case Offer
    Save £15.95
  8. Yapp Brothers Sampler - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Yapp Brothers Sampler

    Discover remarkable wines with this adventurous mixed case!

    Yapp Brothers Six Bottle Sampler
    Save £16.00
  9. Wines of the Month

    Wines of the Month

    Three seasonal wines for February, always open for tasting at our shop in Mere.

    Save £17.40
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