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Mixed Case Wine Offers

Our seasonal selections for Autumn include familiar favourites like 'Praised in Print' and 'Handy half-bottles', as well as a case of refined rosés. Burgundy-lovers should be interested in the excellent introductory six-pack from Chassagne-Montrachet-based Bruno Colin, while anyone looking to stash some ample reds for the next few months might acquaint themselves with the creatively-titled 'Big red 15' case.

As always, the price of the mixed case wine offers includes delivery.

Jason Yapp and Tom Ashworth signatures

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  1. 'Rosé Riposte' Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Rosé Riposte

    Steal back summer with these refined rosés.

    Rosé Riposte Mixed Case Offer
    Save £10.00
  2. 'Autumn Assemblage' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Autumn Assemblage

    Value and variety from the Rhône, Loire, Burgundy, Jura, Saar & South Africa.

    Autumn Assemblage - Mixed Case
    Save £15.50
    Autumn Assemblage - All Red
    Save £2.00
    Autumn Assemblage - All White
    Save £29.00
  3. 'Colin Collection' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Colin Collection

    Classic Côte de Beaune.

    Colin Collection Mixed Case Offer
  4. Praised in Print Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Praised in Print

    ‘Belles bouteilles’ recently endorsed by the Fourth Estate.

    Praised in Print Mixed Case Offer
    Save £17.60
  5. 'Big Red 15' - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Big Red 15

    Bold wines, big-hitting names, in a large case!

    Big Red 15 Mixed Case Offer
    Save £15.20
  6. 'Handy Half-bottles' Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Handy Half-bottles

    A diverse selection of halves for any occasion.

    Handy Half-bottles Mixed Case Offer
    Save £5.20
  7. Yapp 'Own Label' Mixed Case

    Yapp 'Own Label' Mixed Case

    A quick and easy addition to your shopping basket!

    Yapp 'Own Label' Mixed Case
  8. Yapp Brothers Sampler - Mixed Case Wine Offer

    Yapp Brothers Sampler

    Discover remarkable wines with this adventurous mixed case!

    Yapp Brothers Six Bottle Sampler
    Save £10.50
  9. Wines of the Month Mixed Case Offer - October 2020

    Wines of the Month

    Seasonal wines for October: "'s clear that autumn has arrived with a bang (not a whimper!)"

    Wines of the Month - October 2020
    Save £18.40
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