Veg Every Day

A recent trip to visit my octogenarian progenitress in Devon found her enthusing about a newly-acquired cookery book, the latest addition to an extensive library that dates back to battle scarred early editions of Robert Carrier and Elizabeth David. The volume in question was yet another offering from fellow Devonian, environmental activist and author Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall entitled ‘Veg Every Day’. I assumed this to be a recent publication but it was first published back in 2011 and has since been succeeded by ‘Much More Veg’ (2017). Its intended remit is to encourage us to eat more vegetables “through sheer temptation” and with over 200 recipes there is plenty of variety.



I asked the matriarch whether, with well-thumbed Cranks, Meera Sodha and Rukmini Iyer books on my shelves, I really needed more vegetarian recipes in my life and she opined that I did. She then proceeded to cook and serve a ‘Pinto Bean Chilli’ (page 23) that made a strong case for her argument. Deploying courgettes, onions, tinned tomatoes, pinto beans, red pepper, green chillies and garlic with robust spicing and seasoning it was wonderfully fresh tasting and, she assures me, simple to prepare. She served it with shredded lettuce, guacamole and flat-breads which made for a substantial (and delicious) supper.



At 81 years of age the woman who fostered my interest in cookery hasn’t lost any of her own enthusiasm and I love the fact that she is still trying new recipes and not just rolling through the back catalogue.


JY and mother Jill

JY and mother Jill


Wine-wise I would be drawn to a supple summer red that will lend itself well to being lightly-chilled such as this month’s Beaujolais Villages from Arnold Aucœur.

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