As the rain lashes down outside we’ve been warming up with some hearty dishes - the diet can wait! We’ve gone retro with a hi-cal Moussaka - that Greek classic of lamb, aubergine and béchamel - if they didn’t serve this in Abigail’s Party they should have done. This admittedly heavy dish is well accompanied by a warming southern red like the Grenache-based Côtes du Vivarais which is meaty enough to take on these strong flavours.

Another winter favourite is fish pie - again hardly a light dish but very warming and comforting on a rainy January evening. We keep it fairly simple with salmon, smoked haddock and prawns but mussels are a lovely addition. Try Menetou-Salon blanc 2012 which is fresh but aromatic enough to compliment this dish and make this kitchen supper a little more sophisticated.

By: Pippa Goldfinger.