Although international ‘lockdown' put paid to our travel plans and confined us to our homes it hasn't all been negative. We have had to innovate and acquire new skills in order to get on with getting on. Here are some of the innovations and pastimes that have got my family through the last few weeks.

1. Hair Cutting
It didn't take long for us to resort home barbering and whilst none of us is going to give Nicky Clarke sleepless nights we have become adept at giving each other a trim.

home haircut

2. Dog Grooming
This was a steeper learning curve but once the clippers arrived in the post Martha and Rocky were coiffured to perfection.

Dog grooming

3. Making a Raised Bed
After an eye-watering quote from a local landscaper we managed to get some oak beams delivered by a builder and installed our own raised bed.

raised beds

4. The Door Gym
Me neither but it suddenly appeared and has been is daily use.

door gym

5. Building a Climbing Wall
I have to admit I was sceptical about the viability of this project but necessity is the mother of invention. How this gets disassembled remains to be seen though.

climbing wall

6. The Milk Vending Machine
With supermarket supply chains under threat I was hugely impressed by the local farmer who installed this handy dispensary by our local bakery – it's terrific milk to boot.

milk station

7. Socially Distanced Drinks with the Neighbours
Separated by a fence but united by a glass of Crémant de Limoux rosé – it was great to catch up with our next door neighbours.

social distance

8. Lifestyle Photography
Without access to our Mere H.Q. the back garden became the new studio.

lifestyle photography

9. Jigsaw Puzzles
A bit of throwback here but when time hangs heavy they can provide hours of fun.

jigsaw puzzles

10. Clapping Key Workers and the NHS.
An uplifting national show of solidarity at a time of adversity. Respect!

clapping the NHS