There’s always been a bit of debate about when it’s best to finally put Christmas in the past and just get on with what the New Year may bring. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the "New Years Day tear down" but my children (and wife for that matter) are always reluctant to consign Christmas to the family history vaults once again.

So, as always, there’s always a balance to be found.

I’ve always enjoyed finding a use for something after I’ve used it first time round - on Christmas Eve I’d stocked the cellars (well, my wine rack to be precise, I’ve yet to broach the subject of a cellar with my wife) with all I needed to execute my culinary plans through to New Year (the Châteauneuf du Pape: Le Vieux Donjon Rouge 2008 was spot on with a rib of beef on the big day it’s self and my perennial accompaniment to Thai green curry and sticky rice Alsace: Gewürztraminer 2007 proved a great hit on Christmas Eve).

twelfth night christmas

The Yapp box that had served me well over the holidays, I’d happily worked my way through the selection with family and friends, then came into it’s own once again: an ideal way to safely keep all the Christmas decorations safe until next year. Who knows, I might even use the box for my Christmas wines in 2012!

If, like me, you do need to restock – don’t forget our New Year Sale runs until 9th January, and we now deliver orders the next working day.

Happy New Year!


[ed. There is some debate as to when 12th Night actually falls. From The Guardian: "The Church of England plumps down firmly on 5 January as the Twelfth Day of Christmas, and therefore the evening of the 5th as Twelfth Night. This difference in dates is said to have arisen because centuries ago 'days' began at sunset and night-time was considered part of the following day. So if you start counting at sunset on 24 December, the twelfth night afterwards is 5 January. But when using today’s system and starting days at midnight that puts twelve nights on from the 25th as the evening of 6 January." New Years Day sounds just fine to me...].