Every now and then it’s fun to mix things up a little, and on my drive to work today one of the numerous reminders pinged up on the iPhone – being such an all-encompassing device the reminder really could be anything from a new local gig being flagged (as an aside, I’d strongly recommend the Apple 'Songkick' app should you be musically inclined), a work meeting or something I should have sent my children to school with today.

The one today then, a diverting break from the norm, was to remind me that we (that’s the royal ‘we’) were hosting a painting group in the Yapp courtyard – we’d moved it from last week after the weather was not suitable for a. water colours, or b. drinking summer wines while painting.

Artists in the courtyard at Yapp HQ

An existing Yapp customer had broached the idea with me at one of the Yapp sales and tastings last year, so it was great that the idea had finally come to fruition. The enthusiastic group of 8 are outside as I type, and are “scattered”, for want of a better phrase, around the courtyard, with easels, brushes and paint fully deployed – there’s talk of colours, paint and light and there’s a great but pleasantly understated buzz out there.

Our guests have also just purchased some chilled Côtes de Gascogne: Domaine Millet Rosé 2011 from our shop – that, as always, has been well received – they may well be here in rural Wiltshire today but could just as easily be in Provence – well, give or take just a few clicks on the thermometer!

Painting & Rosé Wine at Yapp HQ

I really enjoy the unusual, it always gives things a bit of a kick start – so if you’re artistically inclined or would like to visit us please do let us know – who knows what we may do next?

And, as for the other iPhone reminders this morning, my son thankfully did head off to school for his “show and tell” session with his new Captain America attack shield – digital reminders really are seemingly essential these days – as is a decent glass of rosé when painting!