Chinon: Francis et Françoise Desbourdes 'L'Arpenty' 2023

This delicious red Chinon wine is from pure Cabernet Franc. Packed full of youthful, berry fruit and was memorably described by Joanna Simon as being like 'liquid summer pudding'. It has supple tannins that lend it well to light chilling. In short it is a delicious and failsafe crowd-pleaser.

Certified as an organic wine.

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

We've been shipping the Desbourdes family's Chinon 'L'Arpenty', in every vintage, for over 50 years and for a wine made at a relatively northerly latitude its track record of consistent good quality is amazing. Served lightly chilled, it is versatile with a range of foods but, traditionally, at its best with goat's cheese.

Chinon has a rich viticultural history. Cabernet Franc is rumoured to have been introduced from Bordeaux by Cardinal Richelieu in 1631. Its fame was further enhanced by the writer François Rabelais who was born near Chinon and often wrote of the region. There are extensive plantings in Chinon and production tends to be polarised between large négoçiants and (very small) smallholders. Emilien Desbourdes is typical of the latter having largely taken over the vineyard from his father Francis.

About this wine
StyleRed Wine, Sec, Medium-bodied, Non Sparkling
Wine RegionLoire, Chinon
Grape Variety (Cépage)Cabernet Franc
Food & Wine MatchingCharcuterie, Goat's Cheese, Salads
CellarageDrinks well young and responds to short-term ageing.
VinificationGrapes are fully de-stalked before a two week alcoholic fermentation. The wine is then stored off its lees in subterranean tanks before a late spring (end of April) bottling.
Alcohol By Volume (%)12.5

Francis Desbourdes

There are extensive plantings in Chinon and production tends to be polarised between large négoçiants and (very small) small-holders, the Desbourdes family being one of the latter. Yapp Brothers have been importing ‘L’Arpenty’ since 1971; writer Joanna Simon commenting "...‘I've enjoyed a lot of vintages of the Desbourdes family's l'Arpenty Chinon over the years." Now mostly run by grandson Emilien, whose father Francis is still involved. Their most important wine in volume terms is their Cabernet Franc from gravel terraces overlooking the river, which is an absolute gem and a stalwart of the Yapp Brothers list.


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