Vin de France: 'Orange By Py'

Jean-Pierre Py’s wines use modern winemaking methods with a nod to the past. His skin-contact 'Vin Orange' uses organic Grenache Blanc grapes from 20-year-old vines grown on clay-schist soils. The unpressed grapes macerate in their juice for 12 days giving an amber-gold yet orange hue to the wine. Refreshing, fruity and with a touch of tannin, it is the ideal partner to spice or dishes redolent of the Mediterranean.

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Tasting Notes

Certified organic, this orange wine is made in the same way as most reds – where fermentation of the juice takes place with uncrushed grapes in tank as for red Beaujolais (carbonic/semi-carbonic fermentation). This brings out the fruit and extracts not only colour but flavour and tannins. It's a method of winemaking with roots going back to antiquity. The Romans and Phoenicians frequently fermented grapes in clay amphorae over winter and in Georgia and eastern Europe the practice of using clay quevri for fermentation and maturation is common. The natural tannins extracted by these winemaking methods act as antioxidants so reduce the need to add sulphur-dioxide as a preservative. The resulting flavours of orange wines vary considerably depending on the grape or blend used and the length of time the skins are in contact with the juice. To add body, flavour and finesse, the wine is matured on its lees in terracotta jarres (amphorae) before bottling.

It's an ideal foil for eastern European or Middle Eastern cuisine as its tannins and good acidity help cut through rich lamb, aubergine, sesame, chickpea or walnut-spiced dishes. For vegetarian or vegans, nutty vegetables like celeriac, Jerusalem artichokes or roasted cauliflower compliment it well, not to mention koftas, curries or slow-braised recipes.

This is the first vintage produced and only 900 bottles were made.

About this wine
StyleWhite Wine, Sec, Medium-bodied, Non Sparkling
Wine RegionLanguedoc, Corbières
Grape Variety (Cépage)Grenache Blanc
Food & Wine MatchingCasserole, Lamb
CellarageDrink 1 to 2 years after vintage.
VinificationHarvested in cool conditions to preserve freshness and fermented in stainless steel tanks before maturation on the lees in terracotta amphorae.
Alcohol By Volume (%)12

Domaine Py (Jean-Pierre Py)

Based in the viticultural heartland between Carcassonne and Narbonne in the commune of Douzens, Jean-Pierre Py is a forward-thinking wine maker who quit the local Cave Co-opérative in 2003 to pursue his dream and make his own wine. In 2008 he put all his vine holdings under organic conversion and his entire output was certified as organic in 2011.


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