DOC Prosecco: Raphael Dal Bo 'Raffaello' Extra Dry

From the heart of the Veneto, Raphael dal Bo's Prosecco has been a favourite of the pubs and bars we supply for many years. Made from the Glera grape, this traditional 'Extra Dry' bottling is a mere 11% ABV and has apple blossom and citrus peel aromas, a delicate mousse and a ripe orchard fruit finish.

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

Made using the Charmat method (with secondary fermentation in tank rather than bottle), this 'Extra Dry' bottling of Prosecco has 12 to 17g. per Litre dosage, giving a rounded, soft texture and lighter ABV. It should be served at around 6 to 8 degrees C.

About this wine
StyleWhite Wine, Sec, Light-bodied, Sparkling
Wine RegionItaly
Grape Variety (Cépage)Glera
Food & Wine MatchingCharcuterie, Chicken and Turkey, White Fish
VintageNon Vintage
CellarageThis non-vintage Prosecco is bottled for immediate consumption - drink on its youthful fruit.
VinificationA base wine is fermented before a 'liqueur de tirage' comprising sugar and yeast is added for a secondary fermentation which takes place in pressurised tanks. The dosage is added before bottling. Slightly lower in pressure than méthode champenoise sparkling wine, Prosecco bottles are a little lighter weight as the glass does not need to be as thick and strong.
Alcohol By Volume (%)11

Raphael Dal Bo

Raphael Dal Bo has been one of the driving forces behind organic viticulture in the Veneto region, beginning organic Prosecco production in 2003. In 2009, they were the first producer to receive the Bio Suisse certification for sparkling wines. Now, more than 80% of their production is organic.


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