Sprigs Co.: 'Sprigster' Sparkling Garden Brut

An original recipe based on decades of non-alcoholic 'shrubs', this sparkling non-alcoholic infusion uses fruits and scented herbs and spices from their Victorian walled garden. Based in the grounds of Pyt House near Tisbury in Wiltshire, the cooks and gardeners of the Kitchen Garden Company's award-winning restaurant created this sophisticated fizz as a deliciously dry alternative to an alcoholic aperitif. Vegan, and gluten free.

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Tasting Notes

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Wiltshire, South West England, sheltered by ancient walls and a magnificent yew hedge, there is a magical walled garden. On this plot in the early 18th Century, the Bennett family sunk their forks and established a botanical bloodline which would blossom for years to come. For more than two centuries, curious fruits, vegetables and aromatic sprigs of sweet-scented greenery from this historic garden have been coveted locally for their enriching flavours.

With hops for dryness, rhubarb for tang, ginger for heat and fennel for a touch of anise, this award-winning unique combination of botanicals combined with a gentle spritz gives Sprigster the hedonistic qualities of sparkling wine without the alcohol.

Serving Instructions: Pour into flutes and garnish with the season’s fruit and herbs. Also ideal as the basis for cocktails, whether with some mint and fresh apple juice for a spin the classic ‘English Garden’, or as the basis for an English 'Mojito'.

Bottled in Devon with Devonshire spring water.

Awarded a Gold Medal at the 2023 World Alcohol Free Awards, the judges praised its complexity and depth of flavour.

About this wine
StyleWhite Wine, Sec, Medium-bodied, Sparkling
Wine RegionEngland
VintageNon Vintage
CellarageNon-alcoholic. Store upright in a cool, dry place. Unfiltered so may develop a slight sediment - shake to dissolve.
VinificationSprigster Garden Brut combines sustainably sourced and garden grown fruits and botanicals to create what brewers call a mash. Gooseberries, rhubarb, ginger, hops and fennel seeds are slow-cooked in apple cider vinegar, left to steep in a cask for two weeks to marry the flavours, then strained and blended with our orchard apple reduction and topped up with Wiltshire spring water before carbonation.
Alcohol By Volume (%)0

Sprigs Co.

Sprigs Co. are based in the scenic Pythouse Kitchen Garden and restaurant near Tisbury in Wiltshire, both the source for the drink and where it’s made using the plentiful bounty of herbs and fruit grown within its Victorian walls.


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