Muscat de Beaumes de Venise: Domaine de Durban 2021

With a heady bouquet of orange blossom and apricots and a wonderfully honeyed palate of ripe peaches and yellow plums this hedonistic sweet, golden Muscat wine is delicious with all manner of fruit-based desserts and makes for a superb 'bonne bouche' at the end of a meal.

Bottle (Case)
Tasting Notes

This Muscat de Beaumes de Venise wine is made from 2 strains of Muscat à Petits Grains - Noir and Blanc - by a process known as mutage, where alcohol is added to fermenting grape juice to arrest fermentation and conserve natural sugars. The result is a heady wine with a beguiling bouquet of fresh white peaches and a succulent, sweet apricot palate with a fine acidity and taffeta texture. Locally it is revered as pre-prandial pick-me-up and is consumed chilled in small glasses, but it serves very well as a versatile dessert wine too - a perfect partner for orchard fruit desserts or salty blue cheeses.

About this wine
StyleWhite Wine, Moelleux, Medium-bodied, Non Sparkling
Wine RegionRhône, Beaumes de Venise
Grape Variety (Cépage)Muscat
Food & Wine MatchingBlue Cheese, Dessert, Fruit
VinificationVery ripe grapes are fairly late harvested (early October), crushed and fermented at low temperatures. Fermentation is then arrested by a process of mutage; as a precise volume of pure alcohol is added to the wine to kill the yeast cell driving fermentation. This leaves some unconverted sugar and fortifies the wine, which is then bottled the following March.
Alcohol By Volume (%)15

Domaine de Durban (La Famille Leydier)

Domaine de Durban is a 57-hectare estate based around a magnificent 15th century fortified farmhouse that stands against a background of pinewoods and enjoys a panoramic view over the vineyards. The Domaine has been owned and run by the Leydier family since 1969 and is currently in the capable hands of Bernard & Jean-Pierre Leydier.


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