Salad season is upon us and it’s such fun to experiment with different combinations and dressings. I recently resurrected an old favourite of grilled red peppers , peeled and cut into slithery strips mixed with chickpeas and feta and dressed with good olive oil, fresh thyme leaves and a little salt. This was hearty enough for a light meal and worked well served with the lovely Corbières blanc - a delicious fresh mid-weight white wine.

If it’s summery enough for salads then it’s most definitely time for rosé. A lovely fruity example is the Pinot Noir rosé from Domaine Teiller delicious with a summery green salad such as fresh pea, avocado and mixed leaves dressed with a minty dressing. Alternatively I’ve just been won over by an interesting variation on houmous made with marrowfat peas served with warm pitta.

Woman and definitely man cannot live by salad alone, sometimes a steak frites is what’s required with some dijon mustard and possibly a token few green leaves (after all you’ve had plenty of veg already haven’t you?). Accompany this classic with the robust Pic Saint-Loup: Mas Bruguière l’Arbouse 2012 - old school!

By: Pippa Goldfinger.