1. Ask the Expert - Wines to Accompany Asparagus
    Posted On: May 10th, 2011

    Ask the Expert - Wines to Accompany Asparagus

    I was fortunate enough to spend last Thursday lunchtime at Le Gavroche selecting the wines for our forthcoming Spring lunch. I took the opportunity to buttonhole the head sommelier David Galetti, who presides over a list of biblical proportions, about his personal recommendations of wines to accompany asparagus. When English asparagus is in season, as […]
  2. Job Envy
    Posted On: August 18th, 2010

    Job Envy

    There is a common misconception that being a wine merchant is a fantastic ‘lifestyle’ career and that we spend 90% of our time swanning around glamorous vineyards in warmer climes drinking wonderful wines and stuffing ourselves on the fantastic local cuisine. Well we do spend a fair amount of time doing just that and of […]

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