Roasted Potato Gnocchi with Asparagus Almond Spread and Hazelnuts
Our younger son is back home, after 18 months working and travelling in Australasia and South-East Asia, which is a great pleasure for us. He is vegan, which means that we have to adjust our culinary repertoire accordingly.

As British asparagus is in season, and we all love it, I devised the recipe below for a simple mid-week supper.

potato gnocchi asparagus

Ingredients: (Serves 3 to 4 Adults)
Gnocchi x 600g (Make sure to buy dairy free gnocchi if catering for any vegans as much of it contains powdered milk as a bulking agent).
Fresh asparagus x 400g
Almond Spread x 128g
Olive oil
Unwaxed lemon x 1
Hazelnuts x 2 dessert spoons
Salt and black pepper

Submerge the gnocchi in freshly-boiled water for 2 minutes then drain it well in a colander. Trim then rinse the asparagus then steam it in a lidded pan for 2 minutes before draining. Add the gnocchi, asparagus (sliced in horizontal halves) and almond spread wedges to a rectangular roasting tin. Dress both with 2 to 3 dessert spoons of olive oil. Add the (rinsed) lemon sliced into 6 wedges. Add salt and pepper as desired and scatter the hazelnuts over the entire dish.

potato gnocchi asparagus lemon

Bake in a pre-heated (fan) oven at 180 degrees C. for 30 minutes, stirring the ingredients after 15 minutes.

Serve in warm, shallow bowls and add some torn basil leaves as a garnish.

potato-gnocchi asparagus lemon hazelnuts

I would accompany that with an unoaked, dry, white wine such as this month's Reuilly: Gerard Cordier Blanc 2023.



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