Muscadet (Vin de Pays Nantais)

Muscadet Wine - Vin de Pays Nantais

Much as vinyl - and who'd have thought it, cassettes - have enjoyed newfound popularity as questing Millenials and Generation Z seek originality and authenticity, so Muscadet is enjoying a comeback. One can see the appeal. Numerous producers and a large surface area under vine - at circa 12,000 hectares - ensures prices are relatively keen. Also dry, light fairly neutral wines that aren't too heavy or high in alcohol are increasingly de rigueur. Happily, we kept the faith throughout the lean years of the late 20th and early 21st centuries and have maintained supplies of the Chéreau family's excellent 'Domaine de la Mortaine' Muscadet that is kept on its fine lees over winter before a spring bottling to impart additional flavour and zest. The finished wine is a benchmark example with an ozone and oyster shell bouquet and a whistle-clean palate with a fresh, clean finish. It makes for a wonderfully bracing aperitif or partner to fruits de mer and the distinctive label, by Quentin Blake, is a talking point in its own right.

Sébastien Chéreau also makes a fine Gros Plant which has much the same Atlantic-influenced appeal as his Muscadet but is a touch paler, lighter and drier so acts as an equally apt accompaniment to freshly-landed bivalves.

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