Muscadet (Vin de Pays Nantais)

Muscadet Wine - Vin de Pays Nantais

Having supplied us with marvellous Muscadet for half a century, the Chéreau family have ended an era with Sébastien's decision to sell his vine holdings and diversify into landscape gardening. Three hard winters in succession depleted yields to a level whereby they were no longer commercially viable and it was with a heavy heart he decided to sell up. On a happier note, Sébastien's vines were bought by his friend and neighbour Jean-François Baron who is able to maintain our supply lines and is even willing to take on our iconic Quentin Blake label. His estimable Muscadet is also 'sur lie' with an ozone-fresh bouquet and bracing citrus-edged palate. We are confident you will deem it a worthy successor: it makes a wonderfully bracing aperitif or partner to all manner fruits de mer.

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  1. Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie: Jean-François Baron 2020
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