Adventures in Wine Podcast
"As temperatures (and tempers) heat up during lockdown, we've all learned that wine isn't the only thing that's gotta breathe. For this second socially-distanced wine tasting, however, Jason has lined up a flight of reds, that after a cool start, will simply warm up in your glass. Each made from a single variety grape, they're perfect for summer time drinking, for kitchen table lunches, picnics or just sipping in the garden when the sun is high and the wheelie bin, even higher. First, Fred Filliatreau's Château Fouquet 2018 is a fresh, fragrant Cabernet Franc: a firm favourite and not only with lovers of alliteration. Next, Stéphane Brocard's Bourgogne Pinot Noir, 2017 is earthy and fruity, yet racy, says Jason. 'Perky,' adds David, struggling for a word that will adequately describe what is happening on his tongue. Third, is a Beaujolais from Domaine de Fa 2018; a high quality Gamay with vibrant, red fruit that has Jason waxing lyrical and David searching for a bigger glass. Jason's penultimate selection is a rather unusual Poulsard 2017 from Louis Tissot. This smooth, stewed red fruit, jewel from the Jura is as esoteric as it is delicious. Mondeuse, from La Famille Tiolliers, is Jason's final offering. Though full-tasting and peppery, when it comes to summer, it's another wine from the right altitude with the right attitude: light and fresh and ideal for long, hot days and even longer evenings."



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