Fine French Whites Mixed Case Offer

Dinner party whites that will impress.

Fine French Whites

A first-rate line-up of whites from top-notch addresses that encompasses the Northern and Southern Rhône, Burgundy, Provence, Corsica and the Loire. Only the white Châteauneuf' is a blend of different grape varieties, the others are pure Roussanne, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Vermentino (twice), in descending order.

This mixed case contains two bottles each of:

Châteauneuf du Pape: Domaine du Père Caboche Blanc 2021
Saint-Joseph: Jean-Louis Chave Sélection 'Circa' Blanc 2020
Puligny-Montrachet: Domaine Alain Chavy 2020
Savennières: Château d'Epiré 'Le Parc' Sec 2019
Bellet: Domaine de la Source Blanc 2019
AOC Patrimonio: Domaine Paradella Blanc 2021

This mixed case includes

2 x Châteauneuf du Pape: Domaine du Père Caboche Blanc 2021£0.00

Père et fille Jean-Pierre and Emilie Boisson of Domaine de Père Caboche are renowned for producing fine, fruit-accentuated wines that make for gratifying early drinking.

Rare white Châteauneuf-du-Pape represents less than 5% of the AOC production and this refreshingly oak-free example is one of the best around!

2 x Saint-Joseph: Jean-Louis Chave Sélection 'Circa' Blanc 2020£0.00

We are delighted to have secured an allocation of the Chaves' white Saint-Joseph that is bottled under their 'J-L Chave 'Sélection' négociant label and has been terrifically well-received.

2 x Puligny-Montrachet: Domaine Alain Chavy 2020£0.00

The fabled whites of the Côte d'Or reach their apogee in the vineyards of the Côte de Beaune, especially those who can append 'Montrachet' to their wines. Alain Chavy's Puligny Montrachet comes a family domaine that has been producing wines for over two centuries. Fresh and subtle in style, it has plenty of ripe stone fruit, a slatey minerality set off with lemon balm acidity that is exquisity-balanced with vanilla and a touch of oak.

2 x Savennières: Château d'Epiré 'Le Parc' Sec 2019£0.00

This classic Savennières wine has a complex bouquet of wild flowers, sherry flora and chalk dust and a generous palate of ripe orchard fruit with subtle undertones of honey and minerals prior to a long, dry elegant finish.

This complex Chenin Blanc is the principal bottling of Château d'Epiré and a firm favourite of Team Yapp as it always performs well in blind tastings and can stand up to complex fish and poultry dishes accompanied by flavoursome sauces. In common with most Savennières it is slow to reveal its charms and requires some effort on the part of the imbiber. Tant mieux - a pleasure postponed is a pleasure enhanced!

2 x Bellet: Domaine de la Source Blanc 2019£0.00

Eric and Carine Dalmasso's Bellet Blanc is made from pure Rolle (aka Vermentino) and makes a wonderful aperitif or partner to seafood. Most of Bellet's production adorns the wine lists of Nice's more knowledgeable eating establishments, so at Yapp Brothers, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have these wines on our list. Certified organic.

2 x AOC Patrimonio: Domaine Paradella Blanc 2021£0.00

From Lionel Wojcik's exciting venture in Corsica, Domaine Paradella in Patrimonio. It combines the mineral and fruit delights of Corsican Vermentino with maturation in French oak to create a rich, silky white, ideal for pairing with herb-encrusted seafood or fresh fish.